Our Story

Great innovation must be built on firm ground, and not on the partial understanding of an industry.

The key to advancement, is embodying the skills and knowledge necessary to create novel and invigorating technology. The ability to develop elegant solutions to challenges in the field is critical to survival and paves the way for a steady foundation. SME is built on such a foundation, providing solid mining solutions across the globe.

A subsidiary of Nordic Minesteel Technologies, the SME team brings together decades of experience, which evolved from working with various cultures, experiences, and educational backgrounds. Each collaboration uniquely enhances technology advancement, and is the driving force that leads the NMT Group of Companies to think outside the proverbial box. Working together has led to an increase in safety, efficiency, productivity and greater protection of the environment, within the mining industry.


The traditional danger of the necessary maintenance of haul trucks has been an inspiration for the creation of the world’s safest, fastest ultra-class jacking system. The Titan220 was developed from the understanding that performing maintenance on haul trucks is dangerous and time consuming. It leads not only to inefficiencies and a decrease in truck availability, but more severely affects the safety of personnel. The introduction of the Titan220 in the haul maintenance industry has proven that technicians can work more efficiently but most importantly, in much safer conditions.

Product design commenced and prototyping continued through 2017. Two diesel prototypes of the ultra-class jack and safety system were developed and tested at mine sites in the high-altitude mountains of Peru. With feedback from those models, a battery version of the Titan220 (Titan200e) was perfected and subsequently tested at the haul truck, proving grounds in Arizona USA.

Although the pandemic required a shift to online training and commission, successful commercialization of the Titan220e in Chile and Peru began in 2020. The first units to operate in a production setting were purchased through tire service contractors looking to strengthen their contract bids with the latest technology.

SME encompasses the experience to understand that the purchase of equipment is only the initial step in a partnership. With SME aftercare service, built on the same knowledge and experience as that of the NMT Group of Companies, every consideration is accounted for, and every requirement is addressed.