New Product Development

Innovation, and even automation, is at the heart of mining solutions, engineering design and technology.

Constantly changing, adapting to meet the needs of every new environment, every new challenge, and the safety risks that may be revealed. This is true for SME, part of the NMT group of companies, in their constant search for ways to optimize mine operation and generate profits while maintaining the level of safety and efficiency that are required in the mining industry.

The team at SME has mastered the art of developing new products through research, engineering and/or prototyping service with the experience and skill needed to conquer one of the fastest-paced, ever-changing industries in the world. With that experience and knowhow, as well as the foundation of 30 years of knowledge through collaborations with Nordic Minesteel Technologies, SME offers game-changing products offering the safety, security and innovation required to conquer the world market.

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